And I found it!

This journey started where I was asked to recall  (re-live) my best childhood memories in a workshop. Voila that was the moment when I realized I was finding it little difficult to recall  the happiest moment as a child. It  was not the right time and place  to dig brains and analyze “how’s” and “why’s”.  All that I could recall  was my brain struggling for that one single “memory”. The struggle that day gave me an opportunity to seek time “from me”; “for me”. That moment of “in search of happiest moment as a child” gave me an opportunity to tweak the way I see and reflect upon my own life.

Gradually I realized it was lot more than only finding happiest moment as a child. It was celebrating each happiest moment as a child. I also realized  how important it is to keep our “inner child alive”. In our daily , struggle,  day to day challenges, growing age and time demands various versions of us. In these various versions, we are often tempted to push the  inner child away because the  problems seem irrelevant to the life as an adult. It’s extremely crucial to reconnect with your inner child first!Let’s see how a simple 4 step process helped me

Step 1: Have a belief – reconnect – accept

The first step to reconnect with your inner child is to have a belief that “You   have an inner child within you”!

Yes! Every person has their inner child alive. And there is absolute “no rule” or “right time” to get it back! Now the question is  how to? Again, that inner search and willingness to reconnect created another belief of “I am enough”. Yes! it‘s  true! “I am enough”, to reconnect and accept my inner child as it is. This belief helped me acknowledge and accept that “small me” is “within me”.

Step 2: Listen

The second step is to meet your inner child. Yes, I mean it! I  met with my own inner child to listen to it.   Talk to it. The best conversation one can have is with themselves isn’t it! Once we start having that space for ourselves, we get vulnerable and provide fearless platform to talk it out. I used to search for that sounding board outside me and used to get little disappointed. I realized my belief of “I am enough” helped me to have best conversation with myself.

Step 3: Nurture – protect

The best way to nurture is to be your own Parent!

Re-parenting is based on the idea that as an adult we now possess the knowledge and resources to give our inner child what it needs. If I feel like my inner child needs some healing before she can show up in your life at her best, just have mindful conversation and heal thyself! Nurture each feeling realized and respect the same. Having nurtured my inner child, I was very careful to protect it.  Few easy acts I discovered,   simply stay away or limit your contact from toxic people who reinforce childhood anxieties. Ensure your surroundings have a space where you could place your child like stuff full of spontaneity and creativity. What helped me was to place all my trophies and drawings on display! 

You may also try to start rough sketch or free hand drawing as a medium of expression!

Step 4: Celebration

And finally, the celebration!  Earlier I wasn’t comfortable doing crazy things. But now I grab every little  opportunity to appreciate myself and celebrate. I dance alone, cook for myself and keep discovering things that makes me happy.

This journey to discover – nurture – and celebrate my inner child back took a few weeks. When I found it, it was an “Aha” moment and another opportunity to celebrate. I also became  aware that going so far into a child mode, you neglect your a responsibilities as an Adult which is not healthy. Find a balance that works for you.

And nothing can beat the power of our surroundings. Proximity is power!!!

Surround yourself with positive people and embrace the beautiful, courageous and spontaneous “ inner child in you.”

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