A personal heartfelt post (Without chatgpt ???? )
I was asked, hey today is World Mental Health Day ❤️ , aren’t you doing any special program or podcast or reel? you should be “seen”. it got me thinking, “What is being seen?” ????
It has been approximately 40000 + hours since I have invested in formally coaching people, and developing programs, and content to experience the world of clarity. Contributing and impacting to more than thousands of lives across the world. Coached Kids to CEOs. Published 2 Books, was Honored with many National and International awards (Non sponsored ????), and Chairing a few crucial boards.
Well! I am seen by all who need coaching to lead a life of clarity!

When people ask “How did you do it?”. the real question is “Why? Isn’t it?”. The real reason why I chose this vision (or vision chose me!) is because of a series of failures and clinical depression in my early 20’s. Not to mention abuse, shaming, rejection, and bullying, especially from close ones. This again manifested in some series of bad choices and decisions for more than a decade with failed relationships. Well, we view the past differently when we look back!

However, in the million moments of sleepless nights, I was DENYING all the emotions and thoughts I experienced. Kept on validating them from every other person who appeared “sorted out”.
The moment I became AWARE and confessed my misery, I was blessed with some amazing Gurus to whom I owe my mental health. And that was a defining moment when I chose to be an ICF-accredited Life Coach. International Coaching Federation I love you ❤️
There was no second thought. Being a first-generation entrepreneur, obviously had no prior experience of anything related to this. I started with passion and a strong sense of purpose and the vision unfolded everything I needed.
To this day I am grateful to all the people who have helped me navigate this unknown territory.
In all these years, I have discovered a few learnings. Sharing a few that I could recollect at this moment
???? All that you go through is 1000% real and true but only for you. Don’t expect people (including your family and loved ones) to agree and accept the same way you do.
???? The only way to live free is through acceptance – आनन्दः अस्ति स्वीकृतिः
Including acceptance of what you are NOT capable of too!
???? Be extremely mindful about your Self Talk
???? Ensure your self-talk is 100% original and not influenced
???? Distance yourself from toxic people immediately without guilt no matter where or who they are
???? Be clear and aware before you accept or reject anything (w.r.t. people, job, thought, invite)
???? If something is not giving you JOY, it is not worth it
???? People will only change if and when they want to!
???? Always have something to enjoy of your own.
????PAUSE if you are not sure!
and the last
???? Never validate your feelings with anyone! Trust they are real and true!

Experiencing a Mentally Healthy Life is a lifestyle choice.
Happy Mental Health Day!

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