A Self Discovery Workshop for children with Age 9 Yrs To 15 Yrs



A unique Self Discovery Program for children Age 9 – 15 Yrs

“Is your child emotionally intelligent?”

“The best way to invest in a child is by being emotionally available for them”

Imagine your child is emotionally independent and is completely aware of ones emotions. Imagine when they can deal with their life with focus without stress and distraction.Having an emotionally independent child helps one to evolve as an mindful and confident adult.

 ARTZ – A self discovery workshop, will give you an opportunity to understand beliefs and thinking process of your child.

This workshop is full of fun activities !!!!

Benefits for your Child

  • Understand Self Image in creative way
  • Understand how to express emotions
  • Learn To express emotions
  • Learn to deal with emotions

Benefits for You as a Parent

  • Understand beliefs of child (that are unconsciously observed in parents)
  • Understand Self Image the child is carrying.
  • Understand areas that needs to be addressed.

Important Points:

This is a self discovery workshop. The effectiveness of the workshop may vary from individual to individual.

How much you have to invest:

Total Exchange for your child’s emotional health is INR 666/- ( USD $14 )

Time Investment : 3 Hours (including awareness session for parents)

What You and Child get FREE

  • Workshop Material
  • Refreshments (Not applicable for online workshop)
  • Self Awareness and Discovery (Worth Rs 6500  FREE)
  • Awareness session for Parents(Worth Rs 2500 FREE)
  • Reference Guide for Parents (Worth Rs 1500 FREE)
  • Cost saved due to addressing emotions before time (Cannot be quantified in Numbers!!!)

Registrations & Session Schedule

 Register for FREE webinar on 30 April 2022 – 11 30 AM ISTClick here

Program Schedule 

May 2022 

Batch 1 : 14 May 2022 : 11 30 – 2 00 PM IST

Batch 2 : 21 May 2022 : 11 30 – 2 00 PM IST


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What Parents & Kids are Saying

 “I am immensely satisfied with the workshop taken for both child and the parents. While we care a lot about our physical health, emotional health is often neglected or probably not interpreted correctly. This session gave us an useful guidance on how a simple expression can be interpreted with the depths of emotions attached. I think it is very important to understand these aspects of emotions and work towards it to have an healthy emotional mindset too – both for a child and as parents! Thank you Supriya for the wonderful session :)” 

– Dr. Sonali Wankhede

“The workshop conducted for children by Supriya Ma’am was an excellent opportunity to the inner turmoil and find strengths for my son. The workshop helped my son to learn that it is the positive and negative experiences, thought processes in life that shape the person and that he doesn’t need to be afraid or ashamed of the negative. I really appreciate ability of her team to listen deeply and to help the kids understand and present themselves better. Thank you Ma’am.” 

– Suchitra Shedage

“ArtZ woas a very good workshop & my children enjoyed it. I like the moods table. And it is really good idea to get the moods table filled freqently so that we can observe kids more closely.”

– Jyoti Mahale

“ArtZ workshop helped my son to discover his dormant personality traits and encouraged in coping with mood swings.”

– Harshada Pathak

“ArtZ is an important initiative taken by Supriya. It helped my children understand their emotions and how to deal with them. I believe this will help improve relationship with our children. If used consciously it will help our children in their adulthood too!

  – Soniya Kelkar

“My Son enjoyed the session. I could understand him much better now. Thank you” 

– Mrs Shendge

“Supriya,Thanks a ton to organize this. Aaryan loved your session, he had lots of fun with the activities planned & he made new friends there too.”

– Jisha Niar – Tulips Academy

“Appreciate the initiative Supriya mam has taken to build coming generation emotionally stronger and confident… hope to see more such sessions with other topics as well in detail… kudos to you Mam”

– Hrishi Jadhav

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