7th Dec 2019

In Person Workshop

Time: 9 AM - 12 PM


 ARTZ - A Self Discovery Workshop for children with Age 9 Yrs To 15 Yrs

"Make your child emotionally independent"

“The best way to invest in a child is by being emotionally available for them”.ARTZ - A self discovery workshop, will give you an opportunity to understand beliefs and thinking process of your child.This workshop is full of fun activities !!!!

Free awareness session for parents!!!



21 Sept 2019

In Person Workshop

Time: 9 AM - 6 PM


BEING ME - A Self Discovery to Transformation Workshop

Welcome to ‘Being Me’, a unique self-discovery program specially designed by Supriya Pujari with her intense research and rich transformation experience of herself and more than 1000 Lives.‘Being Me’ is one of its kind self-discovery workshops where you become aware about your overall ‘being’ that is different from ‘doing’. It’s a discovery that will discover you as ‘HUMAN BEING’ and NOT ‘HUMAN DOING’. You can experience your real time discovery to transformation in One Day . more...