My child SHOULD behave properly

My Child MUST have good career

MY child should be al rounder

My child is not thinking right

Why My child do not think like me

How do I discipline my child

Many parents are having these discussions in social forum or on dinner table.

However, if we take a step back and realise , what am I expecting from my child needs to be addressed within me first. We need to realise, when a child is morally loaded by the list of Do’s and Don’t’s ,it is hampering discovery of their thinking process!!!

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  • Get aware about how your child operates
  • Get new ways of dealing with children
  • Explore ways to deal with your reactions with child
  • Discover your own actions causing development of certain beliefs in child

A child ‘s behavior is an outcome of YOUR thinking and actions!

You need to discover what needs to be changed in YOU first!