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Become an internationally certified Life Coach. Learn Coaching skills.



An online training to become a Life Coach 

An unique customised ICF certified training program(Online) for individuals who wish to become a LIFE COACH!


Tickle your mind!

  • You always want to help people
  • You are passionate in your own way
  • You want to learn something that will help people transform
  • People choose you to share their deepest feelings
  • You want to become a Life Coach but don’t know how
  • You want to experience and become master of people transformation

If your response to ANY OF THE ABOVE POINT is YES then this is the right training for you!

Before we move to training program, let me help you understand what is life coaching

What is life coaching

Life Coaching is a process to help people find answers to their questions related to Life. 

Who will be your clients as a life coach

  • Anyone or group of people who want to improve quality of life
  • Anyone or group of people who want to discover themselves
  • Anyone or group of people who want to work on specific area(s) of life.
  • Anyone or group of people who want to identify true potential and find blocks, patterns of behaviour.
  • Anyone or group of people who want to seek clarity of what is important for them.

About This Program

Why we are NOT Happy Today?

Am I really happy?” – Is the question we ask constantly ask themselves. We live in a world where we are expected to play “perfect role models” for all the roles we live – perfect daughter/son, perfect mother/father, perfect daughter in law/Son in Law , perfect wife/husband and the list goes on. In this journey we try to live upto these labels put by society. And in doing so, we make huge sacrifices. In fact, it is expected from us

We all go through challenges in our lives, few are 

  • Procasination
  • Confidence
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Decision Making
  • Habits
  • Self Ignorance
  • Goal Setting
  • Thinking Clarity
  • And the list goes on…

Most of the times, we read books, watch Videos , talk to friend . But that is never enough to find root cause of your challenges. 

This program helps you learn Life Coaching Skills and help others to deal with above areas.

This program, is specially created & designed by Supriya Pujari  who are seeking transformation. The program consists of a Transformation framework that can be used by coaches and / or clients of coaches. This is a very powerful framework to coach yourself and others who are seeking emotional stability, who need help to make decisions, who are going through identity challenges, who need clarity of life, who are seeking work life balance, who are seeking emotional stability, peace of mind, affection and acceptance from people  who are facing challenges in any area of their life.

As a Breakthrough Coach, you will be able to help yourself and other women to find answers they are seeking to their questions. As a Breakthrough Coach, you are not just earning your livelihood. You are adding meaning to the lives of thousands of others.

This Is What Is Covered During This Training…

  • Introduction to the Coaching framework 
  • Learn Basic to advanced tools for Life Coaching
  • Learn an easy to understand framework

Here Is Exactly What You Get From This Training…

  • Internationally Recognised Coach Training Certification
    Approved by the International Coach Federation (ICF) – the institution that sets the standard for the coaching industry, you can be assured of a world-class internationally recognised program. Upon successfully completing the training you will be Certified Breakthrough Coach by Supriya’s Life Coaching Center and ICF.
  • As a graduate of Certified Breakthrough Coach certification course, you would have gained 20 hours of coach training (CCE) (18.25 hours Core Competencies + 1.75 hours Resource Development).
  • Coaching scripts – A ready to use scripts , process document with samples that gives you the exact steps you need to follow to use in your coaching framework
  • Course manual – worth 7000 ( Approx USD 95) for FREE
  • Coaching Professional’s Business Kit – A ready to use system with templates & samples that gives you the exact steps you need to follow to set up a professional coaching business & demonstrate value like a seasoned professional worth Rs 67,000 (Approx 930) for FREE
  • Observed coaching practice sessions during the training Rs 31500 (Approx 430) for FREE.
  • All this amounts to a total added up value of at least Rs 110000 (Approx 1600) for FREE + Life time transformation experience in the process of becoming a coach (priceless) + Real time learning and breakthrough moments (priceless).
  • Firstly, ask yourself, what is your coach certification worth to you emotionally.

Secondly, there exists no other training that offers what this training offers.


  • Working knowledge of English language
  • Must be older than 18 years of age

Program Owner & Your Trainer

Supriya Pujari (

Class Schedule: 2022

Online Class : 10 classes of 2 hours.

2 hours per day, twice a week (Monday and Wednesday) (21 00 Hrs – 23 00 Hrs IST)

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Out of India – USD 235*

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