Mentor Coaching

We give Mentor Coaching services for your ICF Credentialing Process


ICF Credential-holders are part of a self-regulating group of elite coaches who provide accountability to clients and to the larger coaching profession. They pursue and complete rigorous education and practice requirements that provide unquestioned legitimacy to their commitment to excellence in coaching.

The ICF Credential is the only globally recognized professional coaching certification. According to the 2020 Global Coaching Study, 62% of study respondents not only are credentialed, but credentialed by ICF.

ICF offers three credentials: Associate (ACC), Professional (PCC) and Master Certified Coach (MCC). To earn one of these credentials, here are the basic steps:

  • Complete coach-specific training that meets ICF’s standards.
  • Achieve a designated number of coaching experience and training hours – this number varies depending on which credential you choose to pursue.
  • Partner with a Mentor Coach.
  • Demonstrate appropriate understanding and mastery of ICF’s definition of coaching, Code of Ethics and Core Competencies.

Mentor Coaching

Mentor Coaching for an ICF Credential consists of coaching and feedback in a collaborative, appreciative and dialogued process based on an observed or recorded coaching session to increase the coach’s capability in coaching, in alignment with the ICF Core Competencies.


Mentoring provides professional assistance in achieving and demonstrating the levels of coaching competency and capability demanded by the desired credential level.

Mentor Coaching should take place over an extended time (three-month minimum) in a cycle that allows for listening and feedback from the Mentor Coach while also allowing reflection and practice on the part of the individual being mentored.

ACC Renewal

Coaches applying to renew their ACC Credential are required to complete an additional 10 hours of Mentor Coaching above those hours required for their initial credential.

ACC , PCC , MCC Credentialing

Credentialing candidates for ACC, PCC and MCC must complete 10 hours of Mentor Coaching prior to submitting their application.

(Source : International Coach Federation)

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