Are you thinking about starting a new career? Whether you’re finishing up your year in high school, or if you’re tired of working in a dead-end job, embarking on a new career might be the answer.

We all want a career that fulfills all our dreams and aspirations. However, when we decide on any career that ‘looks/appears’ awesome, we think it’s the best choice made. When we prepare for the same and start building dreams on it, our confidence increases at a phenomenal level. We also have a few role models who are successful in their careers. We start looking forward to a similar path. Of course, there is nothing wrong with it.

The first thing that we do is start searching for relevant courses. We do the course and we start feeling good about it. There comes a moment where when u start living that path, you start to question yourself about the choices and everything around you.

The parameters which were there while choosing a career are no longer relevant to your current state of mind. The courses you chose suddenly becomes waste of time, money, and resources.  It calls for mental health challenges such as anxiety, confusion, self-doubt, etc.

Here are 3 mistakes to avoid when you want to plan your career.

  1. Choosing course before the ultimate goal

Most of the time, after 10th, 12th, graduation, or during job change, we typically start searching for a course without clarity of the ultimate goal of our life. Instead of choosing a course before the goal. Decide on the ultimate goal you want to achieve and then choose the course accordingly.

  • Assuming your potential based on what you know

We often underestimate our potential based on information we know. This is another mistake. Just because you don’t have information about a particular skill or job, it doesn’t mean you cannot do it. When we assume our potential, we underestimate our capability too.

  • Choosing a career without self-awareness

We all have a different set of values that defines what is more important to us. When we are not aware of our core values, we tend to take a decision only to get out of something. For eg: you change jobs to get out of your current job. You choose a job to get out of stagnancy. You start doing courses to get out of the house. Choose awareness w.r.t. your core values. Think of your long-term interests, motivators, and your definition of living a meaningful life.

When you take career decisions with clarity of goal, potential, and awareness, you tend to take authentic and right decisions for your career.

Remember, it’s not about having a perfect career. It’s about having the right one where you grow and shine every day

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