“Kya guarantee hai ki you will be alive after 10 years to execute your plan?”

(What is the garuntee that you will be alive after 10 Yrs to execute your plan)

A simple dialogue from the Hindi Bollywood movie “Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara” skipped my heartbeat. Have we ever thought what is the guarantee that we will be alive after 10 years to execute what we plan today. What is the use of  planning(and procrastinating) all for “that one day”! we are not even sure whether we will be alive for that one day. Having these chain of thoughts, all the memories of past started popping up. . A train full of dreams. Filled with “hope”,”future”, ambitions”, “failures”… All  at one go… One could actually go mad if they could see my face reflecting the  million thoughts per second. No wonder wherever I go I get a remark “Are you OKAY?

I was hoping for a perfect life. A contented life! I eagerly waited for “the day” to wear my favourite pair of shoes. Visiting my favourite destination… I awaited for “the moment” to share my feelings with someone special and the list goes on… Half of my life I spent waiting and pondering over “The Day” or “The Moment”.  I gradually started spending quality time with myself and started exercising “living – in – the – moment”.

I realized, in our day to day struggle we often miss out on small things which have “hidden treasures of happiness”. When we are at work, we hope for a break or a vacation. When we are on vacation, we worry about the worked piled on. We carry the burden of all the thoughts “we could” and live the moment half heartedly. There are enormous opportunities right in front of us to gain this art called “Mindfulness”.  This Mindfulness will teach us art of putting 100% efforts with 200 % focus for the opportunity ahead of us.   The time spent with parents, a smile of a kid. Connecting with nature, doing things we love and most important “being with ourselves” Simply living – in – the – moment to the fullest and allowing ourselves “to go with the flow” makes us “AWARE” about our own feelings. We realize what is happening with us.  We have to be with our own self completely enough to ensure we can clearly see what is going on within us. We can listen to our own voice with absolute clarity. We can be our own best friend to heal what is damaged. to recollect the hope that was lost… to start living the dream we always dreamt of!

We often PLAN and PLAN and IMAGINE the dream to live. But what we don’t realize is that time never stands still neither  does life. The logic is simple. Even if it’s a decision of wearing our favourite pair of shoes or expressing our emotions to someone whom we consider worth, the best place to do is “HERE” and best time to do is “NOW”.


Life often offers our own “lighter version” to pause and align-realign thoughts; stop worrying about future; regretting the mistakes of past; and pressure of choices we make. The best way to DO is “To Allow”.

“Allow yourself to be vulnerable… Allow yourself to go with the flow…Allow yourself to lose track…Allow yourself to accept who you are… the way you are…Allow yourself to go through unpleasant feelings ..And live every moment Here and Now!”

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