After 5 years of relationship, she was feeling suffocated. The incident happened a year back when her professional goals were not respected by him, in spite of her efforts and open talks with him, she was asked to let go of her passion and career! This made her think on only one question “Why am I here in this relationship?” “What do I want” After lot of self introspection, she was clear on ‘this needs end’. An end where there is no return. She is living with this thought since one year and nothing has changed! Today, when she looks back she realizes that they both have invested a lot of time, energy and emotions for this relationship to work. However, this is not leading to a fulfilled life! But…what next? What to do if I move on? Where my life will be without him? How should I face a life without him after coming so far? The moment her mind was full of these questions, she decided not to act and hope for the best! Does this sound familiar? This is seen everywhere. Be it your personal life, a career decision, acquiring new skill, following your passion everywhere!

We all have something that stops us from taking actions. We always wish to leave things on time and hope for the best. However, this doesn’t work. If we focus on that something we will definitely get an answer! This ‘something’ is nothing but The Fear of Uncertainty! This is the only fear that holds us back and as a result, we don’t take actions! Simply because we do not want to face uncertainty. Uncertainty of emotions, opportunities, actions, results into fear. When we deal with this fear first, there will be no more holding back, there will be only actions! It’s specifically quoted in Geeta Puran that ‘Fear limits us from beliefs that makes you us a winner’.

Now here is the 3 step process can help us to face fear and take actions

  1. Become Self Aware

One of the ways to become aware of this fear is to become self-aware in general. Being present in-the-moment and be aware of your emotions and thoughts. This will help you identify what exactly you’re afraid of. In our coaching sessions we work on the timelines of a person i.e. where the person in spending most of the time. Is it in the past, present or future and where the fear is!

Being self aware and in the moment help you recognize what strategies may help you overcome your fear. Pay attention to how certain situations or thoughts of certain situations make you feel!

  • Recollect your success stories

Recollect the success stories of where you had fear of something and how you dealt with it. Identify what has worked for you earlier. Seek lessons from your own story. Think of the time where you were afraid of something but still you took actions! Identify your beliefs that have helped you take actions till now!

  • Start with small

Think of life on the other side of the fear and act on it. Your right beliefs will help you act on it (Ensure you are aware of your beliefs too!). Once you take small steps to deal with this fear, you become equipped with your beliefs to take actions!

Remember! It’s the fear of uncertainty that results into Inaction!

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