We come across people who often google terms ‘work-life balance’ or ‘time management’ and try to figure out ways to have life organized in a better way. However, the biggest irony is, they spend ‘more time’ in finding work-life balance and time management answers externally. There is no need for ‘managing work-life balance’ or ‘managing time’ if you are organized internally first. In the process of finding new ways of spending time, many of us miss out to reflect internally and observe on our current quality of time spent than the amount of time spent.

We all have various needs to be fulfilled and as a result, we strive for ‘little more time’ for something that is really important for us. However, in most of the cases, when we spend time thinking about what else can be done to save time, we end up spending more time. In my previous article ‘here and now’ we learned the best time is now! We need to have a moment of ‘time spent well’ here and now. And if we want to have this moment, the best resource available is TIME! And one should define time in terms of Quality along with quantity! Time is the only quality resource we have! And this is the only resource that is 100% in our control. Let’s ask ourselves, what we do when we don’t have anything to do? What we do when we have many things to do? The answer to both questions comes out as a laundry list of things we are ‘used to’. The moment we go through the list and start categorizing ‘important for me’ and ‘not important for me’ we may identify that there are so many things we do just for the sake of doing it or we are used to it. This also includes overthinking or procrastinating. And there comes a time, we realize ‘this is not the life I want’. Here is the fix! If we invest too much in work, you may lose out on health and relationships. If we invest too much in relationships, we may lose out on self-care and learning. If we want to improve quality of life we need to choose the quality of time invested. And the first step is to get Internally organized.

Here are few quick steps to get organized internally first

  1. Your typical day

Identify how is your typical day spent for minimum 2 weeks. What activities you do at work and at home.

  • Your Areas

Identify areas where you invest most of your time. This is a very crucial step as you need to check if your important areas are covered.

  • Quality over quantity

Consider the quality of work or activities done. Do you really add value to yourself and people involved? Have you ever been happy because you’ve accomplished 3 out of 10 tasks on your to-do list? By the end of the day, what makes you really feel satisfied? Often, you feel like you have floated through a stream of requests and tasks — but by the end of the day, you wonder if you have done anything profound at all.

  • Define your quality time

Everyone cannot have the same definition of quality time. You need to work on what’s your definition of quality time and how to get the best in all areas of your life that are important to you.

  • Be Honest with yourself

If you identify there are some areas that are being neglected or over-focused, be honest with yourself to accept that and deal with them first. And get your areas of quality time right.

Remember! Any external source will NEVER tell you what’s important to you.

Choose your ‘quality time’ and it will help you experience ‘quality life’!

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