I always wanted to be a Model but…

I always wanted to be an Entrepreneur but…

I always wanted to be a Chef but…

I always wanted to be  Financially Free but…

Irrespective of what we do today, we always have some or other unfulfilled wishes and dreams.

Many things block us from experiencing the dream life.

  1. Current Circumstances
  2. Current Responsibilities
  3. Past Decisions
  4. People in your life

No matter how much we convince ourselves, these things leave an impact on our lives.

Studies have found that even if you are full of all luxuries and people who love you, there comes a point where you feel stuck/stagnant or experience a vacuum of a certain kind.

Well, you are not alone. We all go through this.

Because of past decisions we experience current circumstances. Because of Current circumstances, we come up with some convincing justification (often lies) about how life is and why it is the way it is.

When you keep on convincing yourself about the current situation and feel victimized (as an unconscious choice) we feel comfortable, isn’t it?

Unfortunately, many people end up with this loop that gives birth to many challenges such as the inability to accept the present, and anxiety. Soon all this turns into physical ailments.

Breaking this loop becomes crucial to survive.

So what to do?

Having a vision is one of the profound ways to anchor ourselves.

Be it any vision, simply the feeling of “I have a vision” empowers you.

This vision is the only thing that will give you the energy and courage to pull out of any situation you are stuck or anything that is bothering you.

Here is an example.

Because of current circumstances, a man was stuck in the loop of responsibilities and convincing justification of why he can’t do anything in life that he truly craves. Due to this situation, he stopped doing everything that was making him happy. He stopped going to the gym, meeting friends, etc.

However, worrying about the current situation is the only thought alive within.

It’s quite natural to experience this. But when he realized that “I need some anchor to help me pull out of this situation, his vision took a shape”

Lets understand Why having a vision is important

  1. It helps us with energy to move ahead no matter what we go through
  2. It helps us in taking rational decisions rather than based on personal whims
  3. It helps us become a person who is required to build a vision
  4. It helps us activate a progressive thinking mindset
  5. It gives the right direction to our goals and dreams
  6. It plays as an anchor to pull ourselves out of procrastination

No matter what you are going through. Having a vision is always helps you move a one step closer to your dreams

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